Dumbo Xquisite Corpse performance and installation by Mirena Rhee

Xquisite Corpse is a series of Performance and Installation Artworks with Public Participation

What is Xquisite Corpse?

Xquisite Corpse is a Fun Factory without the Factory, a Happening without a Script, a Work of Art without Borders.

A Mirena Rhee and all of you project. Thanks to Ian Mack for his Xuberance.

Why Xquisite Corpse?

Xquisite Corpse's original intent was to reinvent the Exquisite Corpse game played by the Surrealists in the 1930's Paris and originally included poetry, drawing and collage. By drawing more than 300 participants in the Three Acts during Armory Arts Week, Xquisite Corpse became a radical take on the original parlor game and an all inclusive way of sharing the artistic process.

Who takes part in Xquisite Corpse?

Xquisite Corspe is all inclusive. Anyone can be part of Xquisite Corpse and inclusiveness is one of the core values of Xquisite Corpse.


When is the next Xquisite Corpse project?

Please check the in progress section.

How do I participate in Xquisite Corpse?

Please, join us on Facebook or email me directly at info@xquisitecorpse.org.


How is Xquisite Corpse financed?

Xquisite Corspe is financed through the sale of artwork, donations and grants by festival organizations. Supporting my projects comes with many rewards.


How can I support Xquisite Corpse?

Xquisite Corspe support comes with many rewards - find your reward here.