Public Participation Performances and Installations in Progress by Mirena Rhee



Works in Progress...


Nov 8th. Memory Replacement - Election Day was a success. We had out Memory Replaced

We had our memory completely replaced this Election Day. Creative lobotomy was performed and wing transfer completed. We have more power than we think.

DIY Memory Replacement

Have your memory replaced.

Today London - The Flip Side! was a success. We got paint everywhere

I asked Londoners from all walks to draw on the Flip Side! Together we wrote the poem of our collective subconscious and I called it Today London - The Flip Side !

In Progress.... Roadside Attraction

Have you ever had a chance to experience a Taco Truck? Some people swear by it. But it is the kind of product that instead comes to you. Couple of years ago I did a 3000 miles solo drive across the American South and was refreshed by frequent stops along the highway at rest areas and truck stops. The first in a series of Roadside Attractions will be the Art Truck.

In Progress... Memory Replacement

You know how sometimes we have these memories of people, places and events. Often the visual overwhelms the facts. Well, we want to make new ones.